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26th July 2018

What's the best approach with influencers?

I recently got into a little Twitter discussion with a follower regarding influencer marketing on social media and whether or not it is important. The follower seemed to hold a strong opinion that influencers were a waste of time and that brands should not use them for...

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17th July 2018

Siri, do you even PR?

Remember when the last big wave of tech revolution came? Were you by the shore? In case you weren’t, let me tell you what happened. It was 2009 and it so became that every imaginable question could be answered with “There’s an app for that.” So much so, Apple...

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The Advantage Series

Organizations of all sizes, across industry sectors, face complex reputational, regulatory and communication challenges. Here we examine some of those in depth, looking at how they can be overcome, and how Grayling can create advantage.

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16th July 2018

Papa John's and the Personification of the Brand

Grayling’s Jon Meakin reflects on what happens when personal and corporate brands collide. Full disclosure: Up until a few years ago, Grayling represented Papa John’s in the UK. We did some great work for them, including some brilliant digital promotions around...

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3rd July 2018

Dark social – the untapped opportunity

So what exactly is dark social, and is it something brand managers need to be considering when devising their campaign plans? Quite simply, dark social is content sharing that takes place on private platforms such as email and instant messenger apps like Whatsapp,...

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28th June 2018

Is scalability the answer to the lack of housing?

By Marie-France Bergamo, Corporate Senior Consultant / Grayling France By 2050, 75% of people will live in “world-cities”, compared to 50% today. In parallel, according to research on housing conditions in France in 2017 issued by Insee (the French Statistics and...

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21st June 2018

How not to handle a communication crisis

A week ago, the Kenyan media was awash with news that a consignment of imported sugar had been nabbed contaminated with various components like copper, mercury, yeast and molds that are dangerously harmful if consumed. According to wide media reports, accusing fingers...

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19th June 2018

New Challenges for Investor Relations

Grayling's Shiwei Yin and Melissa Barientos reflect on the latest trends impacting the Investor Relations landscape.This past week NIRI (National Investor Relations Institute) hosted its annual conference. The key take-away? Fundamental changes are taking place in...

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15th June 2018

10 years of the App Store

As the Apple iPhone App Store approaches its 10th anniversary, Cody Edwards, Account Executive in the Edinburgh PR team, looks at how apps in particular have aided communications… The future of the app store is a topic which has been widely debated for some time now....

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18th May 2018

Top 3 Insights from Re:publica

Michelle van der Veen, Account Director Digital & Content at Grayling Germany in Frankfurt, attended this year’s Re:publica conference with five of our colleagues. Here, she gives an overview of the top issues influencing the online community. Stay tuned for further...

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15th May 2018

How digitalization is shaping political advocacy

Christina Trapl, Consultant and Public Affairs expert at Grayling Austria, explores the toolkit of modern Public Affairs practitioners from a marketer’s perspective and shares examples of political advocacy in the digital age."Obscure, discreet, non-public" – words...

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7th May 2018

Kenya: Political calm restores business confidence

This week, Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta delivered the annual State of the Nation address to Parliament. While nothing much really comes from such addresses, one thing stood out this time round and this is what the president said: “If there was anything I said last...

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